Me and my little.

If you haven’t met me yet, I’m Jesslyn Wilkinson. Professionally, I’m an OCT member, and have taught internationally and domestically in K-12 and adult education. I have since moved on to training adults in bringing tech into their daily experiences. I’ve worked with Microsoft, Google, and, my favourite, assistive tech for people with exceptional learning, mobility, and social needs. I’m a teacher first, and an experimenter/ learner/techie second.

My current work is in faculty development at the post secondary level – specifically, a branch that supports and facilitates tech adoption into teaching approaches. My real passion is the transformative power of teaching with appropriate and relevant tools. In my experience, learning with appropriate tech revolutionizes experiences for all people, and especially can serve those with exceptional needs. I’ve taught through periods of massive technological transition, where innovations became transformative for educators and learners – not engagement elements, but true reimagining of learning and teaching within a new technological context. It’s these experiences I love finding.

I like making friends online! Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.